Take your next step and open the door to advanced nursing positions with CIU’s RN-BSN program - designed for the licensed registered nurse who has an Associate degree or diploma in Nursing and is seeking their Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

CIU offers an online Education Specialist (EdS) degree program which is intended to help extend professional understanding and practice in the critical area of education. Students will develop capacities to think, communicate, and model biblical excellence in educational leadership positions. The EdS degree program is comprised of 30 hours of doctoral level courses but does not include the research component associated with the Doctor of Philosophy.

What You’ll Learn

Candidates will understand, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate:

The Healthcare Administration Bachelor of Science degree prepares working professionals to assume roles as dynamic leaders in the healthcare industry. This degree in healthcare administration equips students to fulfill God’s purposes as leaders in global healthcare systems, care facilities and ministries utilizing mobile clinics, and other means, to meet physical and spiritual needs.

The Associate of Arts in Healthcare Administration provides students a solid grounding in essential principles and practices in healthcare administration. Many students continue their education by pursuing a Bachelor of Science with a Healthcare Administration major and ultimately a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Healthcare Administration.

In our ever-changing world, ministry must meet people where they are — the workplace. That’s where the Master of Divinity (Chaplaincy) comes in, training you to minister on-site at organizations and businesses. People spend 30 to 40 percent of their lives at work, and chaplains help ensure that time is not devoid of spiritual guidance and support.

The M.A. in Addictions Counseling provides graduates with general counseling knowledge and skills along with specialized knowledge and skills in addictions counseling that would lead to licensure as an addictions counselor in SC and other states.

Complete your doctoral degree in Practical Theology

The Practical Theology concentration encompasses the broad areas of Chaplaincy, Preaching, Pastoral Theology, and Moral Theology. In this concentration, you may choose to focus your research in any of the major areas of practical theology. If you want to make an original and significant contribution to your area of study and, as a result, contribute to a more accurate understanding of the message of Christ as found in Scripture, the Practical Theology concentration is for you.

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