Education Specialist

CIU offers an online Education Specialist (EdS) degree program which is intended to help extend professional understanding and practice in the critical area of education. Students will develop capacities to think, communicate, and model biblical excellence in educational leadership positions. The EdS degree program is comprised of 30 hours of doctoral level courses but does not include the research component associated with the Doctor of Philosophy.

What You’ll Learn

Candidates will understand, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate:

  • Education from a biblical perspective, foundational theories, and research findings.
  • High-quality educational leadership from a biblical perspective, theoretical approaches, research findings, and alternative models of effective leadership and functioning of organizations, groups, and individuals within organizations.
  • Ways to enhance their personal callings and contribute to the quality of an educational setting through leadership, presentation, and publication.

Why Earn a Degree at CIU Online?

CIU is well known for educational studies and has numerous alumni in places of leadership in K-12 schools, colleges, and universities, as well as for-profit and non-profit organizations worldwide.  Studying educational leadership at CIU online provides you with a rich, diverse global learning experience. The program of study is geared for working adults and educational leaders who will be equipped to put into practice what they are learning.  Coursework is taught from a biblical worldview as professors regularly integrate faith and learning.

Next online class starts May 8, 2023

Choose ten of the following courses:

  • EDU 9200 - Historical and Philosophical Perspectives on Education Credits: 3
  • EDU 9300 - Foundations-Curriculum & Pedagogy Credits: 3
  • EDU 9320 - Teaching and Learning Theory Credits: 3
  • EDU 9330 - Measurement & Assessment Theory Credits: 3
  • EDU 9350 - Models of Effective Instruction Credits: 3
  • EDU 9380 - Instructional Design Credits: 3
  • EDU 9510 - Leadership and Ethics Credits: 3
  • EDU 9515 - Leadership and Organizational Behavior Credits: 3
  • EDU 9520 - Leading, Developing, and Evaluating Faculty Credits: 3
  • EDU 9525 - Principles of Organizational Team Building Credits: 3
  • EDU 9535 - Governance/Management in Educational Institutions Credits: 3
  • EDU 9540 - Models of Strategic Planning and Organizational Assessment Credits: 3
  • EDU 9545 - Alternative Educational Delivery Systems Credits: 3
  • EDU 9550 - Educational Trends and the Law Credits: 3
  • EDU 9555 - Development/Finance-Education Institutions Credits: 3

Admission Requirements

  • Completed application
  • Official transcripts for highest earned graduate degree and any additional graduate degree work
  • Minimum 3.2 GPA for entering credential
  • Two general references
  • Letter of evaluation (Graduate professor verifying ability to do doctoral level work)
  • Academic writing sample (Published article or graduate research paper)
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • K-12 Schools: Positively impact students, their families, faculty and staff in a public or private school setting in the United States or abroad in various leadership roles such as principal, dean or superintendent.
  • Leadership Positions in Colleges or Universities: Provide effective and informed leadership in decision-making roles such as dean, vice president or president at a college or university.
  • Academic Careers:  Lead at various levels in educational organizations, teach at the college level, or continue educational research in your field of interest.