Black History Week

Black History Week

Myrtle Beach Leadership Retreat

An off-site retreat for undergraduate students to learn about leadership, and how to get involved in leadership opportunities during their time at CIU.

Shofar Cup

A week long tournament of the House Collective. More details to come as we get closer.

Authority of Scripture Week

Focus on core value: Authority of Scripture

Prayer Day

Corporate Day of Prayer for all CIU

Spring Break

Spring Break: Residential Off

Maxwell Leadership Summit '22

John Maxwell returns to Columbia International University for another intensive leadership experience.


AcoustaRockaRappaPaloozaStockFest, or Acousta for short, is CIU's annual talent show. This ticketed, formal event takes place in Shortess and is an opportunity for students to show off their best talents.

Evangelical Unity Week

Focus on Core Value: Evangelical Unity

Prayer Day

Corporate Day of Prayer for All CIU

House Summit

The House Summit signifies the end of the year for The House Collective. Details TBD.

Good Friday

CIU Closed in Observance of Good Friday

CIU Board of Trustees

CIU Board of Trustees


Spring Commencement Ceremony

2022 Business & Leadership Academy

For more information, contact Dr. Steve Hays.