Missiological Studies

The D.Min. (Global Studies) is designed for those with significant experience in cross-cultural ministry. This degree builds on your previous studies and ministry experiences in order to attain higher levels of competency. It advances your knowledge of the foundations of and current developments in missions, deepens your understanding of God’s purposes, acknowledges personal calling and purpose in God’s mission, improves your skills for achieving assigned responsibilities, and develops your personal and moral integrity.


This program will equip you to:

  • Analyze and address current developments and trends in cross-cultural ministry

  • Use innovative concepts, methods, and approaches in advancing the global mission of God

  • Contribute to the theory and practice of cross-cultural life and work


Potential ministry opportunities for program graduates include:

  • Leading a mission agency

  • Leading an international student ministry

  • Serving  as a career missionary

  • Pastoring a congregation in a cross-cultural context

  • Serving as a mission pastor in a local church

  • Leading a cross-cultural outreach ministry

  • Teaching missions in a higher education context

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