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Director of Marketing and Communications

If you have an interest in this position, please download our application at and follow the online instructions for submission. If you have questions or are unable to download the application, contact the Human Resources office by phone: 1-800-777-2227 ext. 5009 or e-mail:

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40 hr/wk, 12 mo/yr
June 27, 2014

Position Summary:

The Director of Marketing and Communications is responsible to assemble the team and provide the leadership required to accomplish the following objectives of the Office of Marketing and Communications at CIU:

1.      Develops, implements, and evaluates brand marketing strategies that raise awareness of CIU;

2.      Partners with Admissions to develop, implement, and evaluate direct marketing strategies that generate the inquiries and completed applications required to meet CIU’s enrollment objectives

3.      Supports development initiatives with brand and direct marketing services required to meet CIU’s development objectives; and

4.      Acts as the internal agency for all CIU departments by providing creative and production services, as well as being the gatekeeper of the CIU brand. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

1.      Act as the chief brand marketing officer by developing annual objectives, crafting the plan to reach those objectives, overseeing implementation, and evaluating results.

2.      Develop and oversee inbound and outbound multifaceted marketing campaigns which generate inquiries and completed applications to meet enrollment goals (e.g., list buys, direct mail, digital and print advertising, pay-per-click, social media, landing pages, third party sources, etc.)

3.      Collaborate with Development in crafting annual plans for meeting fundraising goals.

4.      Facilitate input and respond to requests and ideas from leaders, faculty, and staff.

5.      Explore and negotiate with companies with whom CIU may outsource and/or partner to accomplish goals (i.e., Noel Levitz, Cappex, Zinch)

6.      Facilitate projects on behalf of CIU’s leadership as necessary.

7.      Perform supervisory functions including hiring, coaching, and evaluating. 

8.      Develop and monitor annual marketing and communications plan and budget.

9.      Serve on various committees.

Primary Attributes and Skills:

1.      Leader:  Ability to inspire and develop the team, to hold team members accountable, and to produce results.

2.      Trustworthy:  Demonstrate high standard of integrity, discernment and reliability.

3.      Organized and Deadline-Oriented:  Ability to manage multiple projects with converging deadlines.

4.      Self-Starter:  Ability to take initiative and work independently.

5.      Resourceful:  Aptitude for thinking “outside the box,” and finding creative and effective means for accomplishing tasks.

6.      Problem-Solver:  Capable of finding solutions to challenges and obstacles.

7.      Effective Communicator:  Strong communication skills demonstrated through tactfulness and persuasiveness, both orally and in writing.

8.      Team Player:  Ability to work effectively with people throughout the organization.

9.      Lifelong Learner:  Desire to learn and grow spiritually, professionally and personally.

Primary Qualifications:

      1.      Undergraduate degree in Marketing or related field is required; Masters Degree preferred.

      2.      Five years related experience required; Higher education experience preferred.

      3.      Supervisory experience required.

Supervisory Relationships

1. Office Manager

2. Communications Manager

3. Direct Marketing Manager

4. Graphic Designer

5. Marketing Service Manager

6. Multi-Media designer (Part-time)

7. Social Media Specialist (Part-time)

8. Web Communications Strategist