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Core Values

At CIU, our core values are rock solid – literally. Each core value is etched in a stone on campus. We want to make sure we don’t drift from CIU’s solid foundation that was laid over 90 years ago. While others may build on shifting sands, our foundation is on The Rock.

Authority of Scripture

Authority of ScriptureWe concentrate on mastering God's Word, learning to understand its meaning and apply its teaching. The Bible is our functional authority - it speaks as our final truth on every aspect of our life. The Bible calls us to live in a center of tension on many of its truths - God is sovereign and He holds us accountable for our choices. In Christ, He provides all grace and mercy as we receive it by faith. The Bible is the certain foundation on which everything else stands. Join us in praying that we can live out this value daily.

Victorious Christian Living

Victorious Christian LivingWe emphasize not only academic excellence but also personal growth, the dynamic of the Holy Spirit to make us like Christ in daily living. The Spirit works out the Bible through the heart of every Christian who yields to Him. God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. This humility involves YIELDING (surrender of our will to His) and TRUSTING (knowing He provides all we need to step out in obedience to the Bible). The Scripture defines WHAT God wills for His children, the SPIRIT is HOW the child enters into the joy, peace and power of God's good will. 

World Evangelization

World EvangelizationWe are committed to reaching our generation with the gospel, preparing each student to have an impact as part of the "missions team," whether in a "sending church" or as one sent. The Bible is not just a jumble of stories and random pieces of good advice. The Bible is held together by one central theme. "FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD HE GAVE..." As we come to the Bible with faith the Spirit begins to bring our heart in line with the heart of our King. His Spirit is not just the dispenser of blessings but He works through us to be a blessing. The Spirit empowers the people of God for witness in their local and regional centers of influence extending to the very ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). 

Prayer & Faith
Prayer and FaithColumbia International University seeks to be a community marked by joyful reliance upon God for material provision, victory over sin, growth in Christlikeness, and fruitfulness in ministry. We walk out our daily relationship with him in faith most often expressed in the prayers of a seeking, loving, and needy heart. We live in a constant dependence on him - Why? Because the challenge of carrying the love and truth of Christ to all peoples, even to those we would tend to label our enemies, pushes us beyond our own resources. We cannot do it without Him. 


Evangelical Unity
Evangelical UnityUnity is a condition which should prevail even when distinct viewpoints coexist within one organization. Evangelical unity is the attitude and practice of accepting other Christians of evangelical conviction, regardless of denominational or theological affinity, for purposes of fellowship, encouragement, edification, and ministry. By "evangelical unity" at CIU we mean that we intend to include in our circle of fellowship as many Christians of evangelical faith as possible, and to exclude as few as possible. We do not go out into the world as lights into darkness on our own. We gather in the common family, founded by Christ. We have brothers and sisters all around the world! We may have cultural differences and we will certainly have diverse theological and historical journeys making us different. But we identify the core, the central truths of good news centered on the Savior and Lord. In Christ we find unity while celebrating and learning from our diversity. This unity is deeper than our shared humanity. The limits of the fellowship are defined by the authority of Scripture.