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Why CIU?

We want to continue what you started in the life of your son or daughter. 

CIU's rigorous academic programs and emphasis on spiritual growth are designed to help your student become the person that God created them to be.  At CIU, you and your student will find:

  • An academic environment centered on God's word
  • Small classes where you're individually known
  • Professors who are mentors and passionate about your growth
  • Global internship opportunities that will stretch your heart as you apply your knowledge
  • A diverse student body as committed to pursuing God's heart and call as you are

What do parents think about CIU?

Charles and Teresa Reibold - Daughter is a student in the Communication program

What has been your overall experience with CIU?The Reibold Family

From day one, we have felt welcome at the CIU campus.   The administration and professors have always been approachable and helpful. 
How is CIU preparing your student for her future vocation?

CIU has provided opportunities for our daughter to gain hands on experience in her Communications studies.  She enjoyed working with staff and fellow students at a leadership conference in Orlando, FL.  Also, she is receiving practical experience as a part time employee with the CIU Marketing Department. 
How has your daughter matured through her CIU experience?

First and foremost, she has matured in her relationship with Christ.  This maturity has spilled over into her daily life and has an impact on the decisions she makes each day.  She is surrounded by a community of caring professors and staff members, people who truly care about her well being, both spiritually and intellectually. 
What would you say to other parents considering CIU for their student?

At CIU your child will not be just a name on a roster; they will be personally known by the staff and professors. Additionally, they will be taught, mentored, held accountable and embraced.

David and Faith Markle - All five of their children have either graduated from CIU or are currently enrolled

The Markle FamilyWhat has been your overall experience with CIU?

We have been pleased with CIU's mission "to know God and to make Him known".  CIU communicates this priority to their students very clearly.  We love the thought that as students, our children are not only learning to intimately know and love the Scriptures, but they are becoming aware of God's work around the world and are compelled to consider what part the Lord will have for them in this work.

How is CIU preparing your students for their future vocation?

Three of our children have already graduated from CIU, one will graduate this spring, and another is finishing his Sophomore year.  Four of our children have pursued the Communications Major.  One graduate is now working in the Marketing Department of an international company.  Two of our children learned filming and editing skills and are doing contract work in their field.  Our youngest student is pursuing a business focus in the Communications Major.  Our oldest child graduated in the Family and Church Education (FACE) major and has worked in Christian camps and at a group home for troubled teens.  She and her family now particpate in the ministry of their local church community.

How have your children matured through their CIU experience?

The CIU campus life, by enlarge, creates an atmosphere that encourages steady growth in the Christian walk, deep bonds of friendship and acceptance, and mutual accountability in behavior before God.  While academic standards are high, teachers and staff work for the success of their students.  Our children have fondly mentioned special professors who have taught and modelled godly life goals and ideals for them, as well as inspiring increased knowledge.  All of our children have matured significantly, in the areas mentioned above, during their CIU years.

What would you say to other parents considering CIU for their student?

CIU is a college option that Christian parents might well consider as they inquire of the Lord for this very crucial "next step" in their child's preparation for adult life.

Félix Campis Espinal - Daughter is a student in the Psychology program

What has been your overall experience with CIU?The Espinal Family

My daughter is very happy there and I think it is a great place where the students can develop their abilities and skills in an integral way.

How is CIU preparing your student for her future vocation?

CIU is preparing Paulina spiritually and morally to be a better person.  The school has a good foundation in which it helps the students develop skills and gain knowledge to be prepared for their personal vocation. 

How has your daughter matured through her CIU experience?

I can see that she has been challenged to work hard to pay for part of her tuition, and develop leadership skills by serving in student activities. Some of those activities include playing on the soccer team, and leading worship. These opportunities for her to grow have been an excellent tool for her maturity.

What would you say to other parents considering CIU for their student?

If you want your son/daughter to become a better citizen, and well equipped vocationally send him/her to CIU!

Kirk and Konnie Hall - Daughter is a graduate of the Intercultural Studies program

What has been your overall experience with CIU?The Hall Family

As parents of a prospective student, our first experience with CIU was attending the Robertson McQuilkin Scholarship Weekend held on campus in November.  Parents were invited to attend along with their student.  We felt welcome as soon as we stepped foot on campus.  The itinerary set up for the parents in attendance was interesting and informative.  We felt like many of the staff and faculty went out of their way to get to know us and spend personal time with us during those few days.  The dean of students, director of Financial Aid, and the president himself welcomed and spoke to us about pertinent issues.  

I also remember the day we moved Emily into her new surroundings like it was yesterday.  As soon as we drove onto campus and parked our packed car, a crew of students descended upon us and carried all her stuff into her assigned dorm room before we even knew what was happening.  That was our first exposure to the servant attitude that permeates the campus of CIU.  The example was set for Emily and it made an impression.  This attitude of humility and desire to "regard one another as more important than himself" was best exemplified through the faculty and staff.  I don't know how many times Emily would call home and tell us she just had lunch with one of her professors.  Teaching was not relegated to the classroom only.

How is CIU preparing your student for her vocation?

CIU is on the cutting edge of missions.  What Emily learned in her cross-cultural classes could not be improved upon.  There were healthy debates on trends in the mission field, and she was stretched by having to articulate why she believed what she believed when it came to her philosophy on missions.  A few of the CIU professors approach missions from different viewpoints.  Consequently, Emily had to weigh out the different philosophies and determine for herself what she considered the most Biblical and the most effective.  With her internship in Indonesia, her father and I believe she is well prepared to serve overseas.

How has your daughter matured through her CIU experience?

CIU is the real deal.  Those associated with the school don't just talk up Christianity - they live it out.  Giving Emily the opportunity to rub shoulders with people in this environment grounded her in such a way that she experienced her faith impacting her reality over and over.  She learned that God is who He says He is, and that He will do what He says He will do.  She set some deep anchors into her faith while at CIU.

What would you say to other parents considering CIU for their student?

As homeschooling parents, we were looking for a school that would continue to grow Emily in the things we had taught her.  We found that CIU continued to deepen her understanding of the truth of Scripture.  Set in a nurturing environment that fostered trust and growth, her education, both in the classroom and out, was par excellence.  My husband and I can't say enough about CIU.  We are thankful God has raised this school up to prepare Christians to know Him, and to make Him known.