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CIU's motto is "To Know Him and Make Him Known" and this has been the heartbeat of the school since its beginnings in 1923. We are a Biblical University with an accredited college, seminary and graduate school. Our goal is to equip Christian leaders in ministry, missions and the marketplace. We have had the privilege of training many international students throughout the years. Is God asking YOU to step beyond your borders in order to enlarge His?

What's so "international" about Columbia International University?

We are international not because of something we do but because of something we are.

  • Our international students are from diverse backgrounds. 40 countries represented currently and in years past.
  • Our faculty and staff have often spent years living and working cross-culturally. Our faculty and staff have lived for several years or more in over 25 different countries.
  • From among our 17,000 living alumni, CIU graduates are currently living and serving in nearly 150 different countries.

Who is considered an International Student?

Any student that is not a citizen of the United States is classified as an international student.  International students are non-immigrants to the United States and will be applying for a temporary U.S. visa. The available student visa at CIU is F-1.

You are also considered international even if you plan on studying strictly online from your home country; however, since you will not be entering the United States, you will not require an F-1 visa or evidence of financial resources. International students studying online will still be required to provide transcript evaluations and TOEFL test scores if applicable.

You are not considered an International Student if you hold dual-citizenship or are a permanent resident of the United States. Permanent residents are required to submit proof of residency along with their application.


Contact Nicole Brooker, International Student Admissions Counselor, at (803) 807-5345 or by email.