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What options are available for an ICS major after graduation?

Take for example a recent alumnus (ICS major). His studies resulted in extensive international travel (e.g. the required international internship and other summer projects), and today he is employed as a distance learning designer. His tough decision moving forward is whether or not he should continue this track with an eye toward cross-cultural distance education, or accept a recent job offer from a large company, and with that, pursue an MBA at a major university.  How did he get the business job offer? Through his contacts, experience, and reputation as a CIU ICS major. He is 23 years old, with a variety of options before him.

The career track for the ICS major is not as precise as that in other fields, such as medical or education.  And the "payback" financially is not as immediate and in some cases, not as significant. But there are many excellent options available for experienced cross-cultural workers who understand and are skilled at working in multicultural teams in a variety of settings/languages, in a constantly changing world.