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Some of the courses offered are quite different from those at other schools with a more traditional English major. Why?

Columbia International University is not like many other schools.  We are a Great Commission university, with all of our degree programs built upon a full Bible major which grounds students in the Word of God – how to interpret and apply it with integrity.  The Applied English major seeks to extend that ability to the content area of English – both the language and the literature.  Each course is included to give students desired abilities for the profession (ability to teach language, ability with different genres and periods of literature, with literature of different cultures, and with various interpretive theories, to name the more prominent ones).  CIU does not seek to do less with the limitation of course hours created by offering double majors to all students: CIU seeks to do more as a result of a clear focus upon the Word and the world’s need for Christ.  We do not mirror the world, but we do reflect the credentials and proficiencies of each professional major we teach so that our graduates may serve with excellence wherever God calls them.