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Courses Offered in Atlanta

Are you a pastor or missionary who wants to become more effective without leaving your ministry, a ministry worker who wants to upgrade your training without leaving your church, a business executive who wants to transition into ministry without leaving your career? 

Are you looking for seminary level courses from an accredited institution, both focused and broad, taught from a multitude of perspectives and by a knowledgeable and experienced faculty?

Then the CIU Seminary & School of Ministry in Atlanta is the place for you!

Whether you're from Atlanta, or want to obtain a seminary education while you remain in your current ministry or occupation, the CIU Seminary & School of Ministry in Atlanta provides top-quality education in a convenient location. 

Class sessions are held from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. and chapel is 9:30-10 a.m. each day courses are in session.

Upcoming Course

HIS 6221 History of Global Christianity 1 with Dr. Bill Davidson (June 13-17, 2016)

This course provides a global survey of Christianity from its birth to the close of the Middle Ages. You will discuss and analyze the Early Church’s growth, challenges, and compromises, including the Crusades and early missionary efforts. Special attention will be given to the way in which the Early Church responded to the Great Commission by establishing churches in African, Slavic, Indian, Sinic, and Latin American civilizations. Attention will also be given to Christianity’s relationship with both Judaism and Islam before 1500. (3)

MIN 6415/9415 Effective Coaching and Consulting Skills with Dr. Roy King (June 13-17, 2016)

This course will assist you in providing coaching and consulting to leaders within your circle of influence. Several biblical principles will be studied and applied by case studies. You will build and test a model for assisting leaders personally or organizationally. Your assistance may be offered formally or informally within your current ministry setting. (3)

HIS 6231 History of Global Christianity 2 with Dr. Bill Davidson (June 20-24, 2016)

This course provides a global survey of Christianity from the Reformation of the 16th century to the early 21st century. You will examine the Reformation as a global phenomenon, comparing church reform in Europe with simultaneous developments in Africa, Russia, and Latin America. Special attention will be given to the interaction of Christianity with Slavic, Sinic, Islamic, Hindu, Western, African, Jewish, and Latin civilizations. (3)

MIN 9431 Personal Spiritual Transformation with Dr. Roy King (September 19-23, 2016)

This course provides you with a process for developing character and influence in yourself and then transferring truth to others. To lead others in their spiritual journey, you must first understand the terrain. Special emphasis will be devoted to the character of the mentor, realizing that ministry flows from being. Using the Leadership Catalyst process, you will examine your calling, character, and competencies in realizing your destiny. (3)



Opens April 1, 2016. Pre-campus work begins May 2, 2016 and ends August 19, 2016.


  • Resident Credit: $455 per credit hour
  • Audit: $75 per credit hour

Upcoming Courses

  • BIB/HOM **** Preaching Joshua, Judges and Ruth with Dr. George Murray (January 23-27, 2017)
  • CHP 9*** Clinical Pastoral Education wtih Dr. Plummer (January 23-27, 2017)
  • GLS 9*** Diaspora Missiology with Dr. Wan (June 19-23, 2017)

Room and Board

Stay on campus in a hotel-quality room or make your own housing arrangements and commute to campus. Reserve your selection via e-mail to

  • Single Occupancy ($480) includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and breaks.
  • Double Occupancy ($330) includes daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and breaks. NOTE: Double Occupancy is assigned on a per-registration basis, unless a specific roommate request is given at the time of registration. Double Occupancy housing fees are non-refundable. Single Occupancy Charge may apply.
  • Commuters ($110) will enjoy morning break, lunch and afternoon break. 

Students requiring housing over the weekend between courses may indicate this when making reservations. An additional $100.00 will be added to the account. This cost covers room and breakfast only.

Arrival and check-in instructions will be e-mailed to all registered students after registration closes.

If you are an individual with a disability and believe you will need accommodations, please contact the Academic Success Center at (803) 807-5611.

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If you are are currently pursuing a degree, you may be eligible for financial aid (excluding federal aid or student loans). Please contact the Financial Aid Office.


The Salvation Army - Evangeline Booth College

Salvation Army Southeast Territorial Headquarters
Evangeline Booth College
School for Continuing Education
1032 Metropolitan Parkway, SW
Atlanta, GA 30310

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The Salvation Army Evangeline Booth College, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is comprised of three member schools:

The School for Officer Training
The School for Continuing Education
The Jack McDowell School for Leadership Development

The college is also the location of the Southern Historical Center which is a comprehensive museum, research facility and historical and educational service for The Salvation Army, the Academic Community of Students and Researchers, and for the general public.