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Upcoming Courses

The Doctor of Ministy (D.Min.) degree is designed for persons holding the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree, or its equivalent, who have had significant ministry experience. It will help you build on your previous studies and ministry experiences to develop your knowledge, theoretical clarity, and competence in the profession and practice of ministry. The program offers concentrations in Leadership, Member Care, Military Chaplaincy, Missions, and Preaching.

When you have completed the requirements of the D.Min. program, you will:

  • Use ministry skills at an advanced level of professional competency and will exhibit the personal qualities normally considered essential to this level of ability.
  • Demonstrate increased sensitivity in interpersonal relationships and development of the skills needed to enhance these relationships.
  • Think, plan, and act creatively in transcending traditional approaches to ministry by the use of innovative concepts and methods.
  • Demonstrate a steadily maturing relationship with God in an understanding of the concept of servanthood, especially as related to servant leadership.


The Doctor of Ministry Program Manual is available for download (revised, Fall 2014)

The Dissertation Manual is available for download (revised, Fall 2011)

Upcoming Courses (as of May 5, 2015--subject to change!)

May 22, 2015 Last Day to Drop/Add for Summer Studies

June 5, 2015 August Graduation Applications Due

August 21, 2015 August Graduation (no ceremony)

Summer 2015 - Intensive
  • BIB/HOM 9440 Preaching the Parables June 22-26 with Dr. Johnny Miller
  • CHP 9100 Strategic Leadership for Chaplains June 15-19 contact Dr. Michael Langston
  • CNC 9470 REBT Skills and Supervision with Dr. Johnson June 22-26 (Columbia, SC)
  • CNC 9451 Missionary Care for Career Transitions with Dr. Roni Pruitt May 25-31 (Manila, Philippines) 
  • GLS 9531 Missiological Reflections with Dr. Chris Little June 15-19
  • GLS/MIN 9051 Missional Leadership with Dr. Reggie McNeal June 22-26 
  • MIN 9411 Leadership Development with Dr. Doug Dorman August 3-7

Registration opens April 15, 2015. 

November 1, 2015 Winter/Spring Registration Opens

December 11, 2015 Fall Semester Ends; Commencement Ceremony

Winter 2016 - Intensive
  • BIB/HOM 9041 Preaching Missions from Matthew with Dr. John Harvey January 4-8 (ATLANTA, GA) 
  • CNC 9541 Missionary Care for Career Transitions with Dr. Roni Pruitt January 4-8 (COLUMBIA, SC) 
  • RES 9400 Doctoral Research (COLUMBIA, SC) 

Registration opens November 1, 2015.

April 1, 2016 Summer/Fall Registration Opens

April 29, 2016 Spring Semester Ends

April 30, 2016 Commencement Ceremony

Summer 2016 - Intensive
  • MIN 9010 Healthy Leaders and Organizations (Columbia, SC)
  • MIN 9431 Spiritual Mentoring (COLUMBIA, SC) 

Registration opens March 1, 2015.

November 1, 2016 Winter/Spring Registration Opens

Winter 2017 - Intensive
  • BIB/HOM 90xx [Course is TBA] (ATLANTA, GA) 

November 1, 2016.

April 1, 2017 Summer/Fall Registration Opens

Summer 2017 - Intensive
  • RES 9400 Doctoral Research (Columbia, SC)
  • GLS 9531 Missiological Reflections (COLUMBIA, SC) 

Registration opens March 1, 2015.