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Commendations for the Zwemer Center

Missions Leaders

"The Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies is a beautiful and strategic combination of crucial research and actual teaching. Would that more institutes like this studded the world of missions. They are a must."

Ralph D.Winter
General Director, Frontier Mission Fellowship

"The Zwemer Center is carrying on the vision of the Apostle of Islam whose name it bears with his passion and academic rigor."

J. Dudley Woodberry
Dean Emeritus and Professor of Islamic Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary

"For many years I have dreamed of seeing an evangelical center come into existence, which would focus its energies, resources, and vision toward the worldwide evangelization of Muslims. It is with gratitude that I have seen this dream being incrementally realized in the Zwemer Center at Columbia International University. It is a most worthy undertaking led by extremely competent people within an ideal academic setting."

Phil Parshall
SIM missionary, author, and adjunct professor

"The Zwemer Center--without doubt the premier place for Islamic studies with a focus on ministry preparation. It's long and strong reputation is well deserved."

Robertson McQuilkin
President Emeritus, Columbia International University, speaker, and author

Zwemer Center Students

"The Zwemer program has not only facilitated my Master's degree, but has also deepened my understanding of the relevant issues at hand in Muslim evangelism. I am very appreciative of how they have enabled me to continue on the field and at the same time achieve my educational goals."

Daniel, a Christian worker in Spain

"During my first course on Islam, God opened my eyes to the great need for Muslims to hear the truth about Jesus. Further courses taught me to understand a Muslim's perspective on life and to share Jesus in a way that they would understand, equipping me to serve among Muslims."

Lisa, a missionary in Central Asia

"Zwemer took me from zero to enable me to teach a basic course in my home church on understanding and witnessing to Muslims. The barriers and misunderstandings which kept Muslims from knowing me are gone. Today I have friendships with Muslim neighbors."

Carl, A retiree in N. America