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Parent's Frequently Asked Questions

  • No, students are not required to have a laptop. The Student Computing Center, located on the second floor of the Ridderhof Building, provides computers for use by students. A sign-in which permits access to the university's academic computing resources is available at the Student Computing Center front desk. Computers on campus are PC-compatible and run on a Microsoft Windows platform. For additional assistance or questions, contact (803) 807-5147 or

  • All single undergraduate students under 23 are required to live on campus.  Undergraduate students living with family within commuting distance (50 miles) must live on campus during their first two semesters at CIU.  Students may move off campus if they will turn 23 during that semester.  Seniors and those who are 22 may petition to live in the on-campus apartments.

  • Yes, just call the Food Services office, (803) 807-5276, and we will set it up for you. We need at least a 24 hour advance notice.

  • Yes. All registered students (Federal Work Study approved or not) are eligible for student worker positions. Jobs range from various positions in the Cafeteria and Library to highly technical jobs in IT or faculty assistantships. Students must apply directly to the departments that are hiring and may not always get their first choice, but if persistent and not overly picky, everyone who wants to work on campus can find something.

  • All students working on a degree and taking classes on campus are required to complete a Pre-registration Medical Requirements form. This form must be completed in full before a student can register for classes. The student will need to provide proof of insurance coverage, proof of tuberculosis screening within one year prior to enrollment and documentation of measles/rubella vaccination.

  • No, we will have instructors for various classes, but they are third party and not employed by the school. We do not have personal trainers--although the athletic deptartment staff can give you some help in this area.

  • No, the library has numerous "public access" computers for student use. In addition, the computer lab has several other computers from which students can access the library website, catalog, and electronic databases.

  • Yes, CIU does accept CLEP credit. The catalog lists the CLEP tests accepted by CIU and the courses which students can test out of. The office of Academic & Disability Services administers the CLEP program here at CIU and can answer additional questions.

  • According to FERPA regulations, only your student can give you that information. Even if we have the permission slip giving parents access to student's academic information, we cannot give out grades - even to the student.

  • Contact the Academic Success Center, (803) 807-5611, and request the verification of disability packet. The verification form will need to be completed by your health care professional and returned with a copy of their diagnostic report to the ADS Office. It is best to do this as early as possible as some accommodations take time to put into place.

  • The earliest a student can apply for admission is the summer of their junior year. Click here to apply.

  • CIU has 6 traditional residence halls which house mainly undergraduates. Each semester approximately 330 students live in our residence halls.

  • All students should apply for financial aid by completing the FAFSA and the CIU Scholarship Application. The Office of Student Financial Services receives the ISIR (Institutional Student Information Report) from the FAFSA processor several business days after the FAFSA is completed by the student. Student Financial Services will contact the student via the email address reported on the FAFSA to request additional documentation if needed. Next the student's eligibility will be determined. If aid is awarded, a weblink to the online financial aid award letter will be emailed to the student.

  • Yes, on campus students are required to attend chapel four days a week (Tuesday through Friday). For many students chapel times are a highlight of their CIU experience.

  • All of the major buildings on campus have wireless capability. Currently there is WiFi access in: all residence halls, the Student Center, the Computer Lab, the Library, the Fitness Center, the classroom buildings and the Alumni Building.

  • Yes, the gym is included in the tuition and fees for all full-time students (part-time students do have an additional fee to pay).

  • Yes, we have residence halls set aside for freshmen students. There is an intentional environment set-up to encourage growth for CIU's first year students. We have a dedicated team of upperclassman leaders called the Freshman Leadership Team that works to encourage your student to strengthen their relationship with the Lord and with their peers. The FLT is committed to providing a supportive, caring, and enthusiastic environment to help your student to embrace all that God wants them to be. The team is made up of 15 upperclassmen: 9 females, 6 males - for a total of 3 upperclassmen per floor.

  • No, but the Teacher Education department will be offering a class this spring.

  • It means that the student can work in a Federal Work Study approved on-campus or community service job to earn funds to help finance his/her education. Almost all student worker jobs on CIU's campus are Federal Work Study (FWS) approved. A FWS student can apply for any approved opening but there is no guarantee of employment. All applicants for student worker jobs must go through the normal hiring process. The award amount means that the student can earn up to that amount without having to claim it as income on the next FAFSA form.

  • Here's the Residence Life checklist!

  • Living with another person is a life skill. The Student Life team will work to assist the students in learning to communicate with one another. There are RAs (Residence Assistants) on each floor who will provide help with these issues. After seeking assistance from an RA, the student can talk with Mike Thompson, the Director of Residence Life, or a Student Life Chaplain if the problem continues. It is our policy to only make room assignment changes at the end of the semester, but exceptions will be made if it is deemed absolutely necessary.

  • We can make them a sack lunch or take-out box for the meals that they are missing in the cafeteria.

  • The Health Services clinic is open Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (closed during chapel and lunch) Contact Health Services by calling (803) 807-5056.

    Services are provided include:

    • Walk-in clinics, Monday - Friday, for nursing assessment and recommendations
    • Doctor's clinic by appointment weekly (Minimal fee)
    • Referrals (medical, dental, chiropractic, etc.)
    • Many over the counter medications at low cost
  • Diet restrictions due to allergies or health problems are handled like any other disability through the office of Academic Success Center.

  • Student organizations help foster the mission of CIU among the student body. The various student leaders represent student concerns and needs to the administration and organize a variety of student events. CIU has a variety of organizations plus the various class and prayer groups that meet throughout the school year.

  • Spring 2013: early deadline of December 1, 2012 ($45 fee); late deadline of January 1, 2013 ($65 fee).

    Fall 2013: early deadline of May 15, 2013 ($45 fee); late deadline of July 1, 2013 ($65 fee).

    Spring 2014: early deadline of November 1, 2013 ($45 fee); late deadline of December 1, 2013 ($65 fee).

  • All jobs for students can be found on CIUOnline under Career Services listed on the Main Menu. Under the On-Campus Student Employment section, students can view all current on-campus job openings, plus read instructions about student employment and download an application. On-campus student worker jobs are also posted on bulletin boards located in the Student Center, next to the Bookstore and by the HR/Career Services offices on the second floor of the Administration building.

    All off-campus jobs are posted on the CIU JobBoard, also located on CIUOnline, under Career Services. Students must register first using their Student ID number as their Access ID and then can search for all types of jobs. There are part-time, full-time, volunteer, internships and seasonal job postings. Job searches can be done by location (local, statewide, national and international) and by type of job.

    Find more information about Career Services.

  • Go to the CIU Registrar for information about commencement. The student that is graduating is another good source of information - they are given the dates and times at the beginning of the semester.

  • For a listing of area hotels, click here.

  • Again, even with the permission slip, we are bound by what we can discuss with parents. This needs to be communication between the student and the Registrar's office.

  • The fact that our students cannot go to Greenville or Charlotte for a concert and be back before 1 a.m. or 2 a.m. helps make the case for the later curfew. However, the main point is that learning to make choices and balance one's own time is a major part of the college experience. Students rarely use the late curfew, but it is there when it is needed. If they use it a lot in their first semester they realize it cannot continue and make changes rather quickly.

  • *In light of FERPA which indicates parents can only be contacted with student permission*

    We want to encourage parent-student communication and involvement. The Student Life team will share their own phone with a student to assist in calling parents if there is a medical emergency or we have the student authorize us so that we can contact parents. However, when it comes to students involved in counseling, etc., we encourage the student to personally communicate with the parent.