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What affect does the cost of the degree have on graduates reaching the mission field?

This applies to all CIU students, or any student seeking a higher education degree.  We are aware of the challenges imposed on graduates with high levels of college loan debt. We have been fortunate to keep out tuition cost competitive in our region among comparable private universities. The CIU director of Student Financial Services is focused on addressing this issue. As in the medical and other professional fields (accounting, law, business, etc.), a graduate degree may be a part of the journey. The path may also include a post-graduate job that pays down debt, gains practical experience in the real world of the broader marketplace, and establishes key contacts and networks that lead to future opportunities. Often the recent graduate works overseas as a short-term missionary, humanitarian aid worker, or at an entry-level business position. The options vary. Again, the journey is less prescriptive but, for the CIU ICS student it can be most fulfilling and rewarding.