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Transfer students make up a large part of the Columbia International University student body. Each year, we welcome many students from other institutions. Some students transfer because God has given them new direction for the future, while others transfer after attending a community college. Whatever your reasons for wanting to transfer to CIU might be, you’ll find lots of students like you on campus. When you enroll, you’ll attend an orientation session, and have a chance to connect with other transfer students.

Based on the student's specific educational situation, there are three categories of transfer students

  • Transfer students with 24 hours or more of earned college-level credit
  • Transfer students with fewer than 24 hours of earned college-level credit
  • Students who took college classes concurrently while in high school

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Please note that undergraduate admissions policies and procedures are subject to continuous review by the admissions staff and the Admissions Review Committee and may be changed at any time without notice.

Although the University imposes no time limit upon the acceptance of college-level courses and SAT/ACT scores, the Academic Deans ultimately determine which transfer courses are credited in their programs.