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Off-Campus Housing

Type Housing Address Contact Name Home Phone Number of Bedrooms Number of Bathrooms Furnished Monthly Rent Sale Amount
Condo Parkside Condominiums Benjamin Jacob 609-313-0989 2 2 no $1000
Apartment 1522B Columbia College Dr. John Perna 2 2 no $420 $140000
Apartment 4829B Fairfield Rd. John Perna 803-397-2968 1 1 no $450
Apartment Duke Ave. Dave Shirley 803-206-9852 1 1 no $495
Apartment 765 Oak Dr. Kami Jones 803-543-8740 1 1 no $500
Apartment 4829A Fairfield Rd. John Perna 397-2968 2 1 no $585
Apartment 61 Gilmerton Court Leslie Jeffcoat 803.312.4105 1 1 no $600


To those posting rental opportunities: there are validated reports that scammers are accessing websites like this to steal money. As much as possible, find out who prospective renters are. CIU provides this list for you to use at your own discretion. While most information and contacts are reliable, CIU will not be held responsible for misinformation or misrepresentation.