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Apart from mental health service, are there any other disciplines where a CIU Psychology degree would be useful and worthwhile?

Yes!  A number of graduates have distinguished themselves in the business community as CFOs, VPs of Marketing, and as Personnel Officers.   A number of our graduates have become Youth and Senior Ministers in churches, and worked as Member Care Specialists for missionary organizations.  Some of our graduates have become Lawyers of organizations that specialize in protecting our religious liberties.   Some of our graduates now serve as College Professors.  If a person wishes to use the education to be an effective “ministry spouse” and parent, our Psychology

What can I do with a CIU Psychology degree in the realm of mental health?

Many of our graduates, upon completion of a graduate school program and their required supervision hours, are now gainfully employed as Professional Counselors, Psychologists, and Social Workers.   They have worked for Christian and secular agencies, both here in the United States and overseas.  Even right out of our undergraduate Psychology Program, a large number of our graduates have been able to find work as County Case Managers and as Psych Techs in large hospitals and other treatment facilities.        

Is your CIU Psychology Program really scientifically based and professional?

Yes!   We rigorously teach Research Statistics, Research Methods, and Physiological Psychology.  We also teach Professional Ethics in our Counseling and Research courses, and we give preference to “evidence based” counseling methods and developmental theories.    Some of our recent graduates have had their way paid through graduate school, because they were able to serve as Research and Teaching Assistants in the departments where they received their graduate training.   We are excited about the fact that the counseling and helping procedures that are

Is your CIU Psychology Program really biblical?

We are not a “Bible only” program, but we do attempt to provide something better than individualistic and often illogical “integration.”  We attempt to achieve biblical consistency in everything we teach and do.  At every turn, we attempt to build our knowledge base and procedures from the biblical view of humankind.   We attempt to be Christians first – meaning that we want to be known as those whose are faithful to the Lord and his Word before we concern ourselves about being professional in our work as counselors, psychologists, and/or educa

George Johnson

Math Professor

B.A., Furman University; Ph.D., University of Tennessee


Andrew Mull

Greek Professor

M.Div., Columbia Biblical Seminary

Dr. Andy Mull serves students at the University of South Carolina with International Students, Inc.   He has had various teaching experiences at Dallas Theological Seminary, Columbia Biblical Seminary, Africa Inland Mission, and in various churches.

Dr. Mull has a Doctor of Philosophy in New Testament from Dallas Theological Seminary and a Master of Divinity from Columbia Biblical Seminary.



Marshall Davis

Men's Chaplain
(803) 807-5487

B.A., Hope College; Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary; M.Ed., University of Toledo; Ph.D., Bowling Green State University


Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson
Director of Residence Life
(803) 807-5485

B.A., Columbia International University; M.A., Columbia Biblical Seminary


Associate of Arts

Why earn an Associate of Arts Degree at CIU?

For a basic understanding of the Bible taught by some of the world’s top biblical scholars, consider the Associate of Arts program from Columbia International University. In just two years, you will learn the principles of Bible interpretation and gain essential Bible skills.

Your Future

Because the Associate of Arts degree also includes core academic courses in General Education, it lays the foundation for a bachelor’s degree or advancement in a variety of professional fields or ministry.


Why study Psychology at CIU?

Got a heart that always wants to help? Maybe you’re concerned about at-risk youth. Or the victims of the international sex slave trade. Or meeting the needs of those with emotional disorders. A needy world needs you, and you need the training that comes with the Columbia International University Psychology program.  


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