Marshall Davis

Men's Chaplain
(803) 807-5487

B.A., Hope College; Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary; M.Ed., University of Toledo; Ph.D., Bowling Green State University


Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson
Director of Residence Life
(803) 807-5485

B.A., Columbia International University; M.A., Columbia Biblical Seminary


Associate of Arts

Why earn an Associate of Arts Degree at CIU?

For a basic understanding of the Bible taught by some of the world’s top biblical scholars, consider the Associate of Arts program from Columbia International University. In just two years, you will learn the principles of Bible interpretation and gain essential Bible skills.

Your Future


Why study Psychology at CIU?

Got a heart that always wants to help? Maybe you’re concerned about at-risk youth. Or the victims of the international sex slave trade. Or meeting the needs of those with emotional disorders. A needy world needs you, and you need the training that comes with the Columbia International University Psychology program.  


Why minor in Philosophy at CIU?

Critical thinking skills and an understanding of the modern world are necessary for any career in the 21st century. A minor in Philosophy assists you in developing a solid biblical worldview, and the lifelong ability to compare it to the ideas and beliefs of men and societies. Electives are flexible, allowing you to study topics of greatest interest to you.

Your Future

International Community Development

Why minor in International Community Development (ICD)?

In this unique program, you will experience what it is like to live in a needy society. You will live in a simulated developing world village learning problem solving and coping skills that prepare you for life in a developing country. Areas of training include Sustainable Agriculture, Spiritual Development, Small Animal Husbandry, Food Technology, Appropriate Technology, Primary Health and Cross-Cultural Communication & Community Development.

Digital Media & Cinema

Why Study Digital Media & Cinema at CIU?

At Columbia International University, you can literally get your hands on the latest in media technology and use it to “Communicate Christ Creatively” – the motto of the CIU Communication program. In the Digital Media & Cinema major, you can follow your interests and passions as you learn to produce films, videos and documentaries that will make an impact on your world.   

Business & Organizational Leadership

Why study Business & Organizational Leadership at CIU?

Dr. Benjamin Dean, the director of the Business & Organizational Leadership program answers the question this way:

“I want students to see that our Creator has put within them unique gifts and talents, and that there is a God-infused value, dignity, and sacredness about each of the vocations and professions.”


Why Study English at CIU?

In the English program, reading, writing and critical thinking will prepare you to teach English on the secondary level and for graduate studies. You will be taught to write effectively in mission and marketplace ministries.

The English major focuses on intellectual development through reading, writing, and critical thinking. You will analyze literary characteristics of  Western, British or American literature and reserach literary works.


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