With a minor in Chaplaincy, you’ll learn to be the presence of Christ among people who need pastoral counsel in institutional and organizational settings. This comes with developing a basic understanding of church ministry and administration, pastoral care, world religions, ethics, leadership, and spiritual concerns. You’ll also build foundational leadership skills needed to lead, influence, and model what it means to be a Christian leader in the world today.

Your Future

You'll make an impact in one of eight primary areas of chaplaincy:

Corporate Chaplaincy
Corporate chaplains are comforters, pastors, teachers, and counselors demonstrating God’s grace and love at manufacturing plants, recreation areas, business offices, corporation headquarters, and in community settings.

Military Chaplaincy
Military chaplains provide military personnel and their families with religious programs, pastoral care and counseling. They also advise military commanders on the tenants and practices of religions and their impact on a culture.

Healthcare Chaplaincy
Healthcare chaplains serve in an environment of sickness, pain, birth and death, ministering to the mind, body, and spirit of those in need.

Public Safety Chaplaincy
Public safety chaplains demonstrate God’s grace and love to law enforcement, fire department and emergency services personnel, as well as the public, often in traumatic situations.

Institutional Chaplaincy
Institutional chaplains bring the presence of God to a variety of organizations and situations from prisons to airport chapels to roadside ministries for truckers.

Sports Chaplaincy
Sports chaplains minister to professional athletes and their families as well as provide pastoral care to the executives and employees of sports organizations.

Educational Chaplaincy
Educational chaplains respond to the spiritual needs of teachers, administrators and support staff at all levels, from elementary school to higher education.

Disaster Relief Chaplaincy
Disaster relief chaplains are often members of denominational disaster relief teams, mobilized to respond to local, state and national emergencies and crises. 

Your Next Step

Get started on your way to following your God-given dreams – today!  


Advanced Biblical and Theological Studies

Why study Advanced Biblical & Theological Studies at CIU?

The Advanced Biblical & Theological Studies program at CIU allows you to complete both a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Divinity degree in five years. If you are sure of your calling to serve as a pastor, this five-year integrated program will prepare you for that role.

You will spend the first two years completing the standard undergraduate core courses. The third year, you’ll begin courses in your Advanced Biblical and Theological Studies major.

Bill Harding

I began my college career by attending The Citadel before transferred to Columbia International University (then called Columbia Bible College). In the summer of 1950, my brother Burt and I became student pastors in Savannah, Georgia. During our time there the Lord blessed our efforts and the church more than doubled in size.

Vivian Ochoa

Master of Arts, Pastoral Counseling, 2012, Columbia International University

Pastoral Counselor & Trainer, Mobile Mission Care Team

Ghana, Africa

I’m Vivian Ochoa from Guatemala.

Graduate & Seminary Programs

Selecting a Program

Columbia International University is ready to prepare you for ministry in churches, classrooms, foreign countries, counseling settings and other places God leads you to serve.

CIU offers graduate programs focused on launching or advancing careers in education, counseling, missionary and other pastoral fields.

Programs in CIU Seminary & School of Ministry stress spiritual formation based on Christian virtues, academic excellence with the Bible at the core, and vocational effectiveness with a ministry skills foundation.

The 38 postgraduate options range from a certificate in Muslim studies to a master’s degree in chaplaincy, to doctorates in areas as diverse as global studies and ministering to missionaries.

Whether pursuing theological or professional certifications and degrees, upper-level students at CIU are immersed in self-development that focuses on greater knowledge of Christ and in sharing His message with the world.

Life After CIU

Your time at CIU never truly ends. Our students leave as a member of a tight-knit community of more than 18,000 alumni.

The transition from campus life can seem daunting at first, but CIU’s career services is a great source for personal advising and prayer, resume help, and career counseling. And, of course, there’s the CIU Job Board.

Education doesn’t end with your degree, either. CIU offers learning for life resources online and on campus, such as the Lowrie Center and Robertson McQuilkin Library, to continue building upon the foundation built at our Christian university and seminary.

From events to news, to services and a directory, the CIU Alumni website provides everything you need to stay in-touch and informed about all things CIU.

CIU resources, plus our powerful alumni network, will ensure that you succeed in the path God has laid out for you.



Earning your degree is great, but doing an internship offers many benefits to future graduates. At our college of biblical studies, internships are part of the “hand” of our Head, Heart, and Hands approach to education. 

We extend our hand to touch communities all over the world to spread Christ’s love. Global internships, as well as those close to home, give students the opportunity to gain experience and insights, while applying their knowledge in real time. 

Doing an internship allows you to take the skills you've learned in our classrooms into real-world settings. You'll get to network with people in your field and maybe even transition into a job after you graduate. 

Many degree programs at CIU require internships to graduate. Check with your academic advisor to find out which internship is right for you.

To get an idea of what internships are available, keep an eye on the CIU Job Board, too.


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