Taking a Stand for Unity

April 05, 2016
Evangelical Unity discussion at CIU.

CIU Celebrates Evangelical Unity Week

By Michael A. Lanier

CIU Student Writer

Columbia International University ended the month of March by focusing on its core value of Evangelical Unity with a series of Chapel messages, a pastors’ panel discussion and a Prayer Day.

Sport Management

Why major in Sport Management at CIU?

If you have a love for sports and the gospel, the two meet at CIU with a major in Sport Management. CIU will prepare you for effective service and leadership in sport management both in the United States and abroad. You will learn the history, sociology, psychology and legal aspects of sport while gaining insight into sport marketing and communications, event management and finance.

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Why a Philosophy major from CIU?

The Philosophy major offers students a pre-law track, a pre-seminary track or preparation for graduate school. As a Philosophy major, you will develop a solid biblical worldview, learn to analyze problems and think critically, and cultivate a lifelong ability to compare ideas and beliefs.

Your Future

The Philosophy major provides a foundation for careers ranging from law to ministry to business and is foundational for graduate school or seminary. 

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