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CIU Grants & Scholarships

Through the faithful generosity of many friends and alumni, CIU is able to make available grants and scholarships. The Office of Student Financial Services will work with the student to determine the best overall financial package for the student.

  • To qualify for CIU aid, a student must be enrolled full-time for the fall and spring semesters (winterim and summer courses DO NOT count towards full-time status)
  • Access CIU and Online only students are not eligible for CIU scholarships and grants.
  • A grant is an entitlement that a student gets because of some accomplishment. A scholarship is awarded based on a student meeting the criteria or based on the scholarship being awarded.
  • Students are eligible for any grant they qualify for, but they are only eligible for one (1) merit based scholarship.
  • In most cases CIU grants and scholarships will be applied to the cost of tuition and fees after all federal and state gift aid is first applied. This will leave the cost of room, board, books and incidentals up to the student and their family. Stafford and Parent (PLUS) loans are available to help cover these costs. Students may also use outside scholarships to cover these costs. To research outside sources, contact your high school guidance counselor, church, community organizations, library and view our page of Other Resources.
  • There are only a certain number of these grants and scholarships available and they will be awarded on a first come basis. It is important that students apply to CIU early by completing their FAFSA and CIU Scholarship Application.
  • At CIU, it's a privilege to train students as they answer God's call on their lives. To help with the cost of education, any employee or dependent with our partner agencies is eligible for a tuition reduction for any course at any time of the year, with the exception of doctoral level courses. Students receiving a partnership discount are not eligible for additional institutional aid from Columbia International University. To view a list of our eligible partner organizations please visit partnerships.