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What can I do when I'm on campus, but I'm not in class?

Wanna get outside for a while?  (Why, yes!!  I do!)  How about a walk to the Pointe or a hike on our 400+ acres, a bike ride to the lake, or a game of ultimate frisbee on the lawn?!  Do you enjoy a little physical competition?  We have the following intramurals: football, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, and more!

Need a quick break from homework?  Play a game of ping-pong, pool, or cards with friends in the Student Center.  Wanna keep off the freshman fifteen?  Work out at the fitness center in the weight room, on the basketball courts, on the ellipticals, or in the aerobics room!

Passing through the Student Center between classes?  Grab some coffee in the bookstore and visit the Student Life Office!

In the mood for a good flick?  Watch a movie in the dorm basements and lobbies!