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Music Major

Is the Music program open to students who are not Music majors?

Students in other majors are welcome to participate in private and class music lessons, ensembles, and various music courses. Involvement in these aspects of the Music program can help students fulfill some of their general education requirements.

Do you have music scholarships?

Yes we do. In addition to scholarships based on financial need, the Music department awards merit scholarships to qualified Music majors. Recipients will be selected by the Music faculty on the basis of personal audition or a submitted tape of the student's performance.

Do you have a music education program?

No, but several of our graduates are successfully teaching in Christian schools based upon their undergraduate degree. Another student combined her undergraduate degree in Music with a Master's program in Elementary Education, thus being certified to teach in an elementary school with ample opportunity to use her music training.

What are your past graduates doing now in the work place?

A number are involved in part-time and full-time music ministry positions in local churches. One has his own recording studio. One is active as a teacher in a Christian school in North Carolina. Several sing in opera productions at the Newberry Opera House. In summary, some make a career by being full-time musicians; the majority use music bi-vocationally; and most, if not all, use their music skills in ministry.

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