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Middle Eastern Studies Major

May I get involved in a church in Israel?

Absolutely! Many evangelical churches are within walking distance of the JUC campus. JUC also offers Friday night services for all students and staff. In addition, students in the Middle Eastern Studies program have field education ministry assignments during their time in Jerusalem.

Who will be studying with me?

JUC provides students the chance to study in a truly international context! Students from other Christian colleges in the United States make up most of the undergraduate population, but you'll also meet and develop relationships with students from many different countries.

Is it hard to live in another culture?

Both CIU and JUC work with students to ensure they adapt well to Middle Eastern culture. You will receive a good orientation before you leave and once you arrive. Few students have any significant problems.

Is Israel safe?

JUC provides a good orientation so that students know how to live safely in the Middle East. In over 40 years of existence, JUC students have never experienced a problem. Of course, "common sense" safety rules that would apply in the USA also apply in Israel.

Will my financial aid status be affected?

Good news! Any financial aid you receive at CIU usually applies toward your studies at JUC because of CIU's consortial relationship with JUC. You're one of us, even though you're in Israel!

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