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Family & Church Education Major

How will the FACE major fit if I'm transferring from another college?

FACE could be tailor-made for you! Because FACE includes a 12-semester-hour "Ministry skills" package that you design in connection with the program director, you may be able to transfer classes that count toward this major.

What is the "ministry skills package"?

Each FACE major will design a ministry skills package consisting of 12 semester hours. This package will contribute to the development of a professional ministry competency in addition to the "church education" specialty offered in the core courses.

What is distinctive or unique about the FACE major?

(1) You acquire knowledge and skills applicable to a broad range of age-levels rather than zeroing in on one group, such as youth. (2) You gain competency in administration, interpersonal communication, as well as Bible teaching. (3) You choose 40% of the required hours in the major: 12 of the 30 semester hours consist of a personally-designed skills package.

What areas of ministry can I learn or develop in the FACE program?

FACE students develop the interpersonal skills required for effective communication, conflict resolution and the implementing of change. They also learn to work with and train volunteers, teach the Bible to all ages, plan ministry events and facilitate small groups.

How will FACE prepare me for real life ministry outside the classroom?

FACE students enjoy numerous projects that involve them with people off campus. They teach various age groups; plan events for churches; take a required ministry internship; and travel with the program director to train church volunteers. Their first hands-on ministry exposure is not after graduation!

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