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CNS6431 Assess & Treat Child Disorders

This course introduces students to developmental, self-regulation, and systems perspectives used to understand, diagnose, and treat disorders of childhood and adolescence. Students will gain an understanding of the normal and abnormal developmental issues of children, the process of mastering self-regulation throughout development in various domains, the impact of relational dynamics within various systems (family, school, church), and the trend of the self's consolidation and conceptualization of these various vectors of life. The student is then able to form diagnosis and treatment plans that flow from their relational understanding of the child's life based on the above models. Treatment issues are covered within the confines of treatment planning (as opposed to how to do therapy), including such areas as applied behavioral analysis, cognitive-behavior treatment, interpersonal treatment, psychopharmacology, community and school-based treatment. Additional assessment material fee is charged. Prerequisite: Candidacy