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CNC6015 Advanced Multicultural Counseling

In this advanced course, you will focus on the application of counseling and therapy skills in multicultural and intercultural settings, including a focus on multicultural counseling and cultural diversity issues as they relate to marriage and family therapy. You will study the human needs in the world community in order to understand how messages relate to individuals and families with dramatically different circumstances. You will evaluate the person and role of the multicultural counselor in light of his or her theology, personal adaptation, communication, and counseling skills. You will address the multicultural counselor in the professional roles of pastor, missionary, business person, professional counselor, and marriage and family therapist. This course presupposes the validity and necessity of involvement in a multicultural job or ministry, whether within the United States or in another country. You must have a minimum of six months of cross-cultural exposure in an international setting to enroll in this course.